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The entire story….

We all have two sides of our lives, the side in which others can visually see, and then there is the side in which we tend to hide. The side which we tend to keep for ourselves for whatever reason.

For me, I tend to keep this side hidden because I am too afraid that others will think less of me, or for whatever reason may choose to believe that this isn’t the real me. This fear of people thinking that I am not authentic stops me in my tracks, however, it has gotten to the point that if I continue to decide to take this route, I will no longer be authentic to myself. For me, this is a hard pill to swallow.

It means I have to lean into my fear and just trust…

Weight loss has been a massive part of my story over the last two years. In fact, weight loss has been the catalyst of my story, however, the entire story is the ripple effect on my life when I decided to stop allowing the hash voice inside my head to lead my life. Instead, I started working on being actively present in my life.

For me, the decision to become actively present was more of a challenge than losing the weight itself. I had to reevaluate my entire life and understand what my priorities were. Not only did I have to understand what my priorities were, but I also had to be okay with the fact that these priorities may change along the way or that I would have to say goodbye to things and people that I once loved but knew I could no longer hold onto if I held true to what was important in my life.

Learning to balance life based on these priorities has been a process that ebbs and flows. Somedays are more challenging than others, however, continually recommitting to these priorities, especially when the voice inside my head starts to reappear has been key.

Visually, I have had a successful weight loss story, however, the entire story is that when I decided to define my priorities, aim to create a life of balance, and wake up each day and actively choose to be present within my life, slowly, with time, miracles started to happen, people and opportunities came into my life that I never could have dreamed of. In my heart, I know this is just the beginning.

I truly feel blessed, I get to wake up every day and be reminded of what is important in my life, and that is the four humans that I share a home with. Today, as our summer is coming to an end, I wake up truly feeling abundant and I am damn proud that I’ve created the life that I’ve always dreamed of. Life is truly glorious.

Remember, the world is up for grabs, you can create your own glorious life as well!

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