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Mindset 3 of 4

Last post we differentiated between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Please know, it is okay if you fall into the fixed mindset category, that simply means there is room for growth. However, how do we begin to foster this growth?

Becoming aware of your mindset is the number one way in which you foster change that ultimately leads to growth. You must understand that a growth mindset is more than simply being optimistic. A growth mindset involves repeatedly challenging your thoughts and behaviors and you should know, this doesn’t happen overnight.

So where do we start? Start by becoming aware of your internal dialogue. What does the conversation that you are having with yourself sound like? These conversations become your reality. It is crucial that you turn your negative dialogue into a positive dialogue. Regardless of how cliché it may feel to tell yourself, “I can do this,” “I am capable,” or “This may be tough but so am I,” little by little, this reframing of our thoughts leads to lasting and overall improvements in our mindset.

Positive self-talk is not limited to what we are saying firsthand to ourselves but can also be the dialogue that we are having with ourselves regarding our overall circumstances or present moment. It is important that when we struggle with our circumstances or a specific moment in time, we instead pivot our thoughts from the “struggles” and instead look at all the good or blessings that are happening within that circumstance. Remember my initial example of the less-than-stellar attitude I had toward being at work? I internally was telling myself that work was a negative experience, and when I was able to become aware of this thought I was reminded to focus on the blessings that I was being given within my work.

In life, for every negative, there is a positive. However, ultimately is a matter of which way we choose to interpret the given conversation or circumstance. I encourage you to challenge those negatives and let in the positives.

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