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I'm a mama of 3 kiddos + 2 furry canines + 2 sweet felines + 2 hungry turtles - we have a whole lot of love to give out!  Together with my husband Nick, we run a solid zone defense in the game of parenting.  In our free time, our family enjoys adventuring to new places and chilling out, and watching the grass grow on a baseball field (not joking here.) My favorite thing is a hot cup of coffee, a good playlist, new Brooks running shoes, and the mental and physical aspect of running!


  As a health & wellness coach, run instructor, and nurse, I am extremely passionate about helping others find their best self, as well as living and sharing my best life.  In all things, I try my best to allow my pure, genuine, love and my faith to lead me through life.


It has forever been a dream of mine to share and combine my love for all things wellness, my passion for educating and inspiring others, and my love for my family, my spirituality, and my faith with the world.  This website serves as my creative outlet and space to offer services that empower you, to provide thought-provoking education and teachings that help you to create the life that you want to be a part of!


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