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Setbacks are okay

Just write…

Just write…

Just start writing...

The voice inside my head reminds me daily, sometimes hourly, just start writing.

The story inside my head, the fear, the what ifs, they paralyze me from doing the one thing that I know will help me.

Just write…

And here it goes…

I have a beautiful life, a life that I am incredibly grateful for, one that has allowed me to do so many things that as a child, were out of the realm of possibilities that I had imagined for myself.

My heart literally bursts when I think about how beautiful my life is.

Simultaneously, the voice inside my head, that critical one that comes to visit me from time to time, tries to sneak its way in and tell me I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t want certain things, or my dreams and aspirations are way outside the realm of possibilities. I’m convinced at this point, there is a common theme for me to overcome in my life, redefining and reminding myself of my worth.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to remind myself of just how worthy I am. I’ve been struggling to remind myself that God has a plan for me and that I need to take the pressure off myself and simply allow my faith to guide me.

So today, I’m reminding myself that sometimes we have setbacks in life and that setbacks are okay. Simply being able to acknowledge that you are having a setback is an indicator of growth and progress in the right direction.

And more importantly, I am going to remind myself just how worthy I am of every dream and desire that I have for myself. We are so much more capable than the story we often tell ourselves.

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