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Our New York Welcome

A little Baker Family Update….

We have been in New York for about a little over a week and we are already getting settled in and loving our new neighborhood! We moved to an area of Queens called Whitestone and we have immediately fallen in love with the community! It became very apparent that everyone knows everyone within Whitestone and we were quickly welcomed as one of their own. The Baker family is now on first name basis with Freddy, the pizza guy, Boris, the salon owner, and additionally, many of the business owners and residence within Whitestone. I kid you not; they all know our entire family and why we’ve moved to Whitestone!

Our next door neighbors are amazing and extremely helpful, which has definitely helped us love the area even more, an additional added bonus, they have a daughter who is a couple weeks older than Adeline, they have quickly become great friends, which has made her transition so much smoother! I have met all these amazing people and I truly feel bad that New Yorkers get such a bad rap. Every single one of our neighbors have come over to our house to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood, and like Freddy and Boris they now know all our children by their first, middle, and last name, and they also know the last four digits of our social security number... just kidding, but seriously, I can’t emphasize enough how amazing everyone is and how in love we are with our neighborhood!

There have been days that I have longed for what I have right now, I have prayed and wished for the quaint little neighborhood, the amazing next door neighbors, the fixer upper, and the amazing school district….literally, every single check mark has been checked, and that leaves me with such a sense of relief, as well as such a feeling of gratitude. I can’t help but think about my dad in heaven, besides Nick and I, he was aware of all of our desires and wants for our family, and literally went to work ASAP, I mean, he could have probably settled in a little first, but hey, that’s my dad, not wasting any time and making things happen!!

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