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What is mindset anyways?! We know we should have a good one, however, we also know that life happens and sometimes a “good” mindset is not the easiest task to behold. So how exactly should we go about identifying what a mindset is and where it should be?!

In terms of mindset, there are two primary concepts, a fixed mindset, and a growth mindset. People with fixed mindsets have limiting beliefs, typically based on fear or doubts. Perhaps you think in terms of it is either this or that, good or bad, right or wrong, there are no middle grounds. Or perhaps, feedback, whether positive or negative, becomes very personal and feels like an attack. Or maybe, you simply believe you are who you are, and it is too late to change. Fixed mindsets lead to negative thinking and ultimately, limit your ability to move forward in life.

A growth mindset is when you have the ability to see the benefit in the middle ground, it doesn’t mean that it is comfortable, but you know that behind the discomfort, growth will follow. The value and achievements are in the effort and not the final product. A growth mindset allows you to ultimately grow and develop as an individual first, and then leading to a ripple effect on those around you, as a growth mindset is truly contagious!

I encourage you to identify your mindset, do you lean more towards fixed or growth?

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