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I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Run Instructor, and a Registered Nurse.  I am passionate about blending my backgrounds as a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer, and Run Instructor to help individuals discover their best selves; physically, mentally, and spiritually!  

Through my own experience and journey of losing 130 pounds and taking myself from no physical activity or running experience to running a marathon in just over a year, I found a version of myself that I genuinely love! I know and understand this journey can be challenging, and at times scary, but it can also be the most rewarding gift that you give yourself and everyone else around you. ​

I have worked with individuals by coaching them on their mindset, their nutrition, and by setting movement goals to help them become more active.  




As a Certified Personal Trainer and Run Instructor, we can work together both in person or virtually. I offer 1:1 Personal Training, as well as Run Coaching.



Nutrition can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!  As a nurse I had to start understanding the basics of nutrition which allowed me to navigate my own nutrition as I lost 130 pounds.  Together we can work on the basics of nutrition, create a plan, and help you understand your body's nutritional needs for successful weight loss and maintenance. 



Sometimes we need support to create a fresh outlook through pivoting our thoughts!  With mindset coaching we can work together on reshaping your mindset to help support you in creating your best self!

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